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SoundLoadz for iPad allows you to browse, select and purchase sounds that are added to your account. You can't download them from the iPad app. The Mac version shares your account and adds the ability to also download your purchases and install them on your Mac, iPad, iPhone and more. In general it's easy to install sounds on your Mac. Apple currently requires you to use iTunes to sync sounds with your iOS devices however and doesn't really offer a very elegant way to manage your sounds - the chances are, and our hope is, that this will only change for the better in the future. In the meantime we provide you with the info you need to get your sounds where you want them here. Please let us know anything that's confusing or we should add and we'll do so.

Help Using Our App

We hope our apps are intuitive to use however we provide guides here and both versions also have help built-in.

Help Installing Your Downloads

Each type of download has it's own slightly different installation process. Although all bar GarageBand Instruments involving syncing your sounds using iTunes. You might have info PDFs in your download too.

Apple Loops on a Mac

After downloading it's easy. You simply drag and drop your files onto the Loop Browser in GarageBand or Logic. This copies the files to your library folder and indexes them so the app knows they're there. Don'ty just copy them to the folder yourself.

Apple Loops on iOS - iPad, iPod or iPhone

The bad news is that Apple don't have an elegant way to download and install Apple Loops onto your iOS devices and the way they appear and can be used in GarageBand on the iPad is pretty clunky too. Full details below.

Soundtracks, iPhone Ringtones & MP3 SFX Files

All these files have a natural home in iTunes, maybe not so the Ringtones, but they also belong there. So with all these you should simply drag and drop them onto iTunes. Then either sync them with any external device where you wish to use them or you will be able to access them in your various iLife apps.

GarageBand Instruments - only compatible with GarageBand on Mac

Simply run the installer, following the instructions along the way. Once completed the appropriate files will have been copied to your hard drive. Your new sounds will be in a folder on your Edit Instruments page. If you create a new song file and double click the piano icon on the empty track this will open up this window. Sometimes Instruments can 'go missing' with GarageBand not realizing they have been installed. If this happens to you restarting your app and computer can solve it, also try repairing permissions and running a Jam Pack installer you may also own can also nudge the app to see the new sounds. Just waiting a bit can allow them to appear 'by magic' but there's basically some kind of bug that can stop or delay new Instruments from appearing. We can't help with this, but it only affects very few and one of the steps above nearly always resolves it. But we wanted to warn you in advance that there is sometimes an issue.

Apple Loops on iOS - iPad, iPod or iPhone - in detail...

It's a shame, but currently there's no way to download Apple Loops directly into GarageBand on iOS, you have to sync them via iTunes. Here's the way you have to do it…

Installing Apple Loops onto iPhone, iPod or iPad (iOS) Garageband  
1. Use our Mac App to download your purchases whether you've ordered them on iPad or Mac version. You can browse, audition and buy on iPad. 2: Plug your iOS device into your Mac and launch iTunes. 3: Under 'Devices' select your device to bring up its sync overview. Click on the 'Apps' tab. 4: At the bottom of the 'Apps' pane you will see a section called 'File Sharing' and a list of apps. 5: Find 'Garageband' in the list and select it. The list to the right should now be called 'Garageband Documents" 6: You can now drag in or add loops using the 'Add' button. 7: After you have added all the loops you wish to sync the list, press the 'Apply' button at the bottom right of iTunes and let the iOS device sync. 8: Once the sync has completed you can disconnect your iOS device and launch Garageband on it. 9: To use your new loops, simply go to add a loop as normal. You will notice that at the top of the pop over you have a toggle for 'Apple Loops' or 'Audio Files'. Select 'Audio Files', you will find all of your newly added loops in here.
OK, now the bad news Although Apple offer this ability to add new loops to iOS Garageband, it's not a great implementation at all. Firstly, it's just a long list of files and the more you add the worse it gets. There is no way to create directories, genres or styles. Secondly, iOS Garageband will ignore all tags that work perfectly on the desktop version to help you locate loops fast. In fact it seems to ignore the Apple Loop format. Although they are kosher Apple Loops created to Apple's own SDK, iOS Garageband will not currently add them into the 'Apple Loops' section of the loops browser. It's stupid really and hopefully one day Apple will fix it!
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